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Shaping the Competition Essence




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Overcome Workplace Complacency

The Tournament engages your team members in multiple, long-term knowledge-based activities through multiple activities & competitions.

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Gamify Trainings & Development Plans

Train your employees through multiple types of tournaments, including championships & leagues.

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Immerse Your Employees in the Learning Experience

The Tournament utilizes multiple learning solutions & applications to engage your employees in an unconventional learning experience.

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Long-Term Development Through Competition-Based Training Modules

Overcome workplace complacency and engage your employees in a long-term development plans that integrate competition-based learning modules in their core. The Tournament is your optimal virtual training solution to boost your teams’ readiness and overcome workplace disengagement.

The Tournament provides your team with development plans that have the ability to overcome workplace disengagement & complacency.

Plan and engage your employees in long-term development plans that adopt a competition-based module to overcome workplace disengagement and complacency.

Workplace complacency and disengagement can form a true barrier for your employees to unleash their full professional potentials. However, The Tournament empowers your team to overcome such barrier.

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Increase Market Impact & Readiness

Boost your team’s readiness in terms of their technical knowledge & soft skills.

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Physical & Virtual Learning Activities

Extend the limits of learning engagement with diversified learning applications & activities.

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Adaptable Competition Modules

Choose the competition module that fits best your business needs & objectives.

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Offering Long-Term Development

Sustain your team’s development along the year with multiple competition-based learning modules & plan them ahead all at once.

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Award Winners & Lift Spirits

Praise winning teams & individuals and boost the teams’ spirit through healthy competition.

Employee engagement is an investment we make for the privilege of staying in business.

-Ian Hutchinson

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